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Speech-Language Therapy

Supporting skills development

Speech-language therapists work with our students to support the development of both functional and academic language skills. During the first weeks of the school year, the speech-language team administers hearing screenings and language testing to all students. Based on the results of this testing and information provided by parents, students are placed in appropriate speech-language groups.

Intervention in these groups focuses on many areas of language development, including:

  • Receptive Language: listening and understanding words and concepts
    • Following directions
    • Working memory
    • Executive functioning
  • Expressive Language: being able to communicate effectively
    • Semantics (vocabulary)
    • Syntax (grammar)
    • Word retrieval
  • Social Pragmatic Language: Practical communication skills as applied to social situations
    • Social thinking skills
    • Perspective taking
  • Speech Articulation and Phonology: Pronouncing sounds in words and phonemic awareness
  • Application of language skills to reading and writing

Speech-language therapists collaborate with occupational therapists and classroom teachers to provide a weekly combined speech/OT group, which reinforces application of language and motor skills, and emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as social cooperation and teamwork.

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