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Social Skills

Mastering the social world

Research suggests that many children with learning disabilities also struggle with understanding the social world. The same challenges that cause learning disabilities can also contribute to social difficulties. For this reason, all Havern students take part in a weekly, classroom-based social skills program, delivered by our School Psychologist. Social skills goals focus on helping each child develop a personal understanding of his or her own strengths and needs, as well as on becoming a successful member of both the school and the larger community.

Lower school (Kindergarten through Grade 3) social skills instruction focuses on:

  • Personal boundaries
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Developing friendships
  • Manners
  • Problem-solving
  • Coping skills

Upper school (Grades 4-8) social skills instruction focuses on similar issues, as well as:

  • Community and school rules
  • Differences among all people
  • Peer pressure and popularity
  • Understanding your learning profile
  • Self-advocacy

The School Psychologist also offers individual and small group support outside the classroom for students who need additional help with school-based issues.

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