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havern school small class sizes

Science and Social Studies

Keeping pace with general education

All Havern students participate in both science and social studies instruction. Consistent with the goal of returning students to a general education environment, instructional topics are selected in coordination with Colorado State Standards.

Students explore topics through multiple formats—including classroom presentations and discussions, videos, hands-on activities, on-line resources, guest speakers and field trips. In keeping with our goal of returning students to a more general education environment, we focus on:

  • Strategies for reading comprehension in content areas
  • Note-taking skills
  • Organizing information
  • Developing a working understanding of science and social studies language and vocabulary

An annual Science Fair gives Havern students the opportunity to work on individual projects in a scientific area of their interest. Students may participate at the competitive or the noncompetitive level. Science Fair projects are judged by a panel of objective science professionals on the basis of quality and adherence to the scientific method.

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