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Fine Arts

Developing strengths, integrating learning

The fine arts—visual art, music and drama—are an integral component of the Havern School program. For many Havern students, the fine arts represent areas of strength. The goal of the fine arts program is to both develop these strengths and to integrate learning through the use of multiple modalities designed to integrate various functions of the brain.

Visual art

Development of creativity and self-expression is encouraged through weekly art instruction. An additional focus is the development of both visual-spatial perception and critical thinking. Students keep art journals in class, and are introduced to art history, design concepts, various media and lessons in technical execution. General topics have included shape, symmetry, perspective and color mixing. Student projects are always on display in the school, and an annual Art Show is held as a part of Havern Fine Arts Week.

Music & drama

Students participate in weekly music/drama classes. The goals for these classes include:

  • Understanding of basic musical notation
  • Exposure to a variety of musical forms
  • Development of multiple forms of personal expression
  • Development of prosody in oral expression
  • Becoming more comfortable with public presentation skills
  • Gaining the ability to work together to produce a final product (such as a short play or a musical)

Every student participates in an annual student musical or drama production.

Choir is available as an extracurricular activity for an additional fee. Students in the Havern Choir perform at a variety of school events, as well as in winter and spring concerts. Private piano lessons are offered after school for an additional fee.

Fine Arts Week

Fine Arts Week is an integral part of Havern’s arts program. It is a chance to show off all types of artistic talents to families and friends. Throughout the year, each classroom writes and performs their own play. Each student creates a work of art for display in a school-wide art show. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in an Entrepreneurial Fair, during which students are able to sell crafts and works of art to classmates, family and friends.

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