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Digital Learning

The Digital Classroom: Technology and problem solving

Students at Havern School work in our digital classroom two to three times per week. Collaboration between the technology instructor and the classroom teachers allows for integration of curriculum across settings. Students learn many skills and tools while in the digital classroom, including:

  • Assistive technology tools
  • Coding
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Digital citizenship and internet safety
  • Digital presentation skills
  • Digital storytelling
  • Graphic design
  • Keyboarding
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processing

An additional emphasis in the digital classroom is the development of problem-solving and self-advocacy skills. Class discussion frequently focuses on strategies for problem-solving and managing time.

Our classroom technology

Computer stations in each classroom integrate computing skills into the learning environment. AlphaSmarts, individual micro-word processors with keyboards, are also used in the classrooms to help with keyboarding skills.

Interactive SMART technology is available in each classroom. SMART boards are large, interactive whiteboards, which allow students to use touch or markers to control a computer. This kinesthetic teaching tool reinforces lessons and makes learning more fun for students.

The multitude of education applications available for the Apple iPad has made it a valuable learning tool for children with learning disabilities. iPads are used in each classroom to teach interactive lessons and for student research.

Each student in our middle school classrooms has a Chromebook, a cloud based laptop, to use for the school year. This one-to-one technology allows students to explore new ways to communicate, collaborate, create and use critical thinking skills. In addition, the Chromebooks give our students access to and experience with the newest assistive technology tools. Google Chrome includes apps and extensions that facilitate voice-to-text dictation, text-to-speech, outlining, screencasting, graphic organizers and so much more!  Each student is able to individualize the apps and extensions on their personal Chromebook to support their learning profile.

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