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Transition Support

After Havern: Transitions

From the first day a student comes to Havern, we start preparing them to leave. At Havern School, we celebrate attrition, because it means that our students have gained the skills they need to be successful in their next setting.

When the time comes for your child to leave Havern School, our transition team is here to help you make a smooth and successful transition to a new school. We provide a support system; however, the school you choose will be responsible for determining and implementing the policies and/or services that will promote your childʼs education.

Here are some steps we suggest to make the transition as smooth as possible. As you read this outline, keep in mind that every public school district and private school implements registration, enrollment and services differently. This information is generalized and you may want to make an appointment to discuss your particular situation.

  1. Make a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss the transition. Your child’s teacher can provide some guidance regarding your child’s readiness to transition and the support that he or she will need in their next setting.
  2. Meet with key staff and ask about support:
    1. Start with your childʼs neighborhood school and meet the staff and inquire about support for your childʼs specific needs.
    2. Havern can provide you with a worksheet for visiting schools to help you get the information that will be essential in your decision making process.
  3. Make an appointment to begin the transition:
    1. If you are confident your childʼs needs will be met at your neighborhood school, then set up an appointment with the school to begin the transition process back into your school and district.
    2. At this point, the school will help you with the next steps to take to secure your childʼs enrollment.
  4. Arrange a transitional meeting:
    1. During this time, set up a transitional meeting with the schoolʼs staff who will be responsible for your childʼs education.
    2. The Havern transition team can be available, at your request, to work with you as you help the school staff understand your childʼs specific needs and what helped your child to be successful at Havern.
    3. If you chose to include the Havern transition team in the initial transitional meeting with your school, we can provide a list of interventions, modifications and accommodations appropriate for your childʼs needs.
  5. Preview other schools, if necessary:
    1. If you decide not to enroll your child in your neighborhood school, it would be helpful to preview other schools you may be interested in as soon as possible.
    2. Know that open enrollment dates begin in December.
    3. You must contact each school you are interested in to get accurate, up-to-date information regarding their enrollment process.
    4. If you are interested in previewing independent or private/parochial schools, contact them directly for specific information regarding their academic and admission requirements.

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