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Initial Intake

The evaluation process begins by contacting Dr. Courtney Tolinski at (303) 986-4587, ext. 134 or eval@havernschool.org. At this time, you will have a brief phone consultation to determine what type of evaluation and services are warranted. Dr. Tolinski will email you our intake forms, which are to be completed and either emailed to Dr. Tolinski or brought to our initial consultation meeting, as well as arrange a time to meet with you for an initial consultation.

Payment and Fee Structure

Prior to the initial consultation meeting, you will need to make arrangements for payment with our business manager, Dave Stelloh.

We require 50 percent of the evaluation cost at the start of the evaluation and 50 percent prior to receiving the psychoeducational evaluation report.

Fee Structure

  • Comprehensive Autism Evaluation – $2550 or as quoted
  • Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation – $2250
  • Cognitive and Achievement Only – $850
  • Cognitive or Achievement – $550
  • Speech/Language Evaluation – $600
  • Articulation or Pragmatic Language Evaluation – $300
  • Occupational Therapy Evaluation – $350
  • Handwriting and Visual Motor Evaluation – $225

Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, Dr. Tolinski will meet with you to review your child’s developmental history, as well as gather detailed information regarding your concerns and hopes for the evaluation process. At this meeting, you may also receive parent and teacher surveys, which are to be completed by or before the last scheduled testing session. Finally, we will schedule a date and time to begin the evaluation.


The testing process typically occurs over the course of two to three sessions, lasting anywhere from one to four hours per session. However, the frequency and duration of sessions will vary based on your child’s needs and overall learning style.

Once all of the testing sessions are complete, the Learning Evaluation Center team will begin writing up a comprehensive evaluation report and schedule a time to meet with you for the final feedback session.

Feedback Session

The feedback session typically occurs three to four weeks after the initial consultation meeting. A written draft of the report will also be emailed to you approximately one week prior to the scheduled feedback session. During the feedback session, all members of your child’s evaluation team will review the report with you. The final report will include the presenting problem, relevant history, test results, interpretations and recommendations for the home, school and outside resources.

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