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students enrolled


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student to staff ratio

Therapeutic services are integrated into our curriculum

Our staff includes:


Speech-Language Pathologists


Occupational Therapists


School Psychologist

Founded in


55+ years

of experience

Our program is customized to an individual student's strengths and challenges

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acre campus


high school graduation rate




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Students come from


different zip codes

Our Impact

“When your child’s needs are not being met, it affects the whole family. When we started our daughter at Havern, she was happy and her needs were being met for the first time. This not only changed her trajectory, but it affected our entire family for the better.”-  Havern Parent

Havern School has been an incredible experience for my child who has grown socially, emotionally and academically since his attendance there. He is so much more confident in himself and his abilities. Every child deserves a school like Havern!” – Robin Albert, Havern Parent

“Havern turned our sons from struggling students into confident self-advocates. Because of Havern, our sons began to believe in their potential and see college as an achievable goal. Havern made our sons responsible for their own learning and homework and returned peace to our family time at home. Sending our sons to Havern was a life-changing decision for all of us.” -Havern Parent

“The individualized attention my child received to teach him in a way that HE learns best rather than requiring him to learn the way most other children learn. It helped him love learning again (something that was destroyed in the public school system).” -Havern Parent

This school is phenomenal. I simply cannot sing enough praise. My daughter flourished in the environment Havern provided. It was worth every penny in tuition and every mile in commute.” – Melissa Havran, Havern Parent

“…there is no way I could adequately convey what an amazing difference Havern has made for [my child]. We are so very grateful! I could not imagine a school that would be a better fit for her Not only is she learning a great deal but she is happy and she feels good about herself and her progress.” -Havern Parent

Our son just began at Havern this year and we haven’t seen him this happy in over 4 years. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing.  When I went on my first tour, the thing that struck me was that all of the children seemed calm and content.  This is a school where the needs are many, but the children were happy! I didn’t know if my son would adapt, but he now runs into school and skips when he is done. I haven’t seen this side of my sweet boy since he was 5 or 6. Thank you, Havern, for transforming lives!”- Courtney Hester Baros, Havern Parent

“Havern is a place you can leave your student and it feels like massive burden is off your shoulders. They feel valued and appreciated. Their confidence goes up almost immediately and they learn in their way at their speed. That does not mean they are not being challenged. Some of the work that came out of my daughter in those days is some of the best she’s done for her age. It’s also a great community of teachers, staff and parents working closely together to assure the student’s success.” -Havren Parent

“They take time to understand every students’ needs, and focus on the best way to teach to that student. This is truly unique in education these days, and has delivered very positive results in my son.” -Havern Parent

“My son is in his 5th year at Havern School, and I literally cannot say enough great things about this gem of a school. He has grown to be a strong, confident learner over his years at Havern, and having therapies integrated throughout the school day is something that cannot be found at any other school in the area. The school has performed so well during the Covid pandemic as a bonus, it literally has stayed open for in person learning during times when nearly every other school was closed. It has been such a blessing to have in person learning for my child with a learning difference, from both an academic and a social perspective. I would give more stars for Havern if possible!” -Havern Parent

“It is amazing to have such an amazing community of children, staff, and parents who all understand children with learning differences! Havern has made an amazing impact in our child’s life and our family. The teachers are incredible and extremely professional!” -Havern Parent

An exceptional learning environment where diverse learners are taught in the way they learn best.” -Adriana Santacoloma, Havern Parent

“This school has been great for our son.  Hope we can continue sending him there for next couple years.” – Kimberley Anderson, Havern Parent

“Havern School is the reason why I am very successful today. At Havern there were many programs in speech and occupational therapy which enabled me to gain enough real world skills to succeed.  To my former teachers and administrators, thank you for putting up with my raucous and uncivilized behavior as a little kid.  Due to your patience, I have developed character and became an Eagle Scout.  Without Havern School, success would not be my destiny. “ Thank you, Havern School. – senior in high school, who is busy applying to colleges with strong biological science programs with hopes to become a physician someday.

“…Havern has given my daughter her confidence back!” – Irene Kawanabe, Havern Parent

“Our daughter attended here for 6 years. It was exactly what she needed. What a blessing. The teachers and administration are amazing. If your kid struggles in school do not hesitate to come to Havern. It will be the best decision you ever make for your child.” – Lisa Sigler, Havern Parent

“…Havern showed me that I COULD do it!”-Stav Mallookis, Havern Graduate

“Our daughter began at Havern this past year and her academic progress has been incredible! We couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of the school! The teachers know how to teach kids with learning differences and do so in a loving and kind way. My daughter loves her school. Havern has been a total game changer for us and I will forever be grateful for the difference it has made in my daughter’s life.” -Havern Parent

“My daughter has attended Havern for the last 8 years. She has made great strides and loves going to school, her teachers and the friends she had made. There is nothing like it in Colorado, as they provide a small group learning environment with integrated speech, occupational and social skills therapies. It is a great community and a wonderful environment for kids to learn, gain confidence and necessary life skills. I highly recommend checking it out if your child is struggling in their current school.” – Paul Herzog, Havern Parent
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