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Faculty and Staff

Committed, Caring and Highly Skilled

Havern School’s faculty and staff consists of highly skilled and passionate professionals committed to educating children with learning disabilities. Most of our teachers possess advanced degrees or certifications in their fields. All faculty and staff regularly attend professional development in order to stay current with research-based strategies for students with learning disabilities. In addition, all of staff are certified in CPR, first aid and medication administration. The average tenure for our faculty and staff members is 7.4 years. Additionally, Havern serves as an observation site for college students. The Havern therapy department has hosted interns from across Colorado and the nation.

We realize how difficult it can be for children with learning disabilities to come to school every day and face the areas that are the most challenging for them. Havern’s staff works together to create a nurturing environment and an encouraging atmosphere for our students. Teachers and therapists meet with the head of school in monthly staff meetings to discuss strategies for individual students. No one “falls through the cracks” at Havern.

“One reason Havern is so special is because we are able to treat each student as an individual.”

– Havern School teacher

Our Leadership and Administrative Team

Our Teaching Teams

Room 118 (Kindergarten–Grade 1)

  • Jenny Troxler, Lead Teacher
  • Debbie Fauskee

Room 119 (Grades 2-3)

  • Pam Vernon, Lead Teacher
  • Tressa Pollack

Room 120 (Grades 3-4)

  • Molly Kessler, Lead Teacher
  • Jacqui Dobrow

Room 122 (Grades 4-5)

  • Meghan Orchard, Lead Teacher
  • Jill Hoylman
  • Lesa Deland

Room 140 (Grades 5-6)

  • Tiffany Fitzwater, Lead Teacher and Lower School Coordinator
  • Courtney Lewis
  • Katie Vonderhaar

Room 217 (Grades 6-7)

  • Ali Birtwistle, Lead Teacher
  • Chelsea Mohr

Room 222 (Grades 6-7)

  • Meghan Talotta, Lead Teacher
  • Molly Dunn

Room 220 (Grades 7-8)

  • Mary Ann Knutson, Lead Teacher and Middle School Coordinator
  • Alyssa Moore
  • Becky Haas

Student Support Interventionist

  • Penny Best

Speech / Language Pathologists

  • Dana Green
  • Bailey Majeski

Occupational Therapists

  • Maggie Bronson
  • Katie Crelly

School Psychologist

  • Dr. Bronwyn Lehman

T.E.C.H. Instructor

  • Maria Cunningham

Visual and Performing Arts Teacher

  • Sherri Pritchett

Library and Reading Interventionist

  • Mandy Piscopo
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