Job Title: Head of School / President of Havern Center, Inc.
Department: Administration
Supervisor’s Title: Board of Trustees
Employee Classification:  Exempt

Summary: The Head of Havern School is the chief executive of the school and Havern Center, Inc. The Head articulates the mission and goals of Havern to all constituents, and works as the executive to ensure the mission is fully carried out. He or she is passionate and knowledgeable about serving students with learning disabilities. The Head has oversight of the program, strategic planning, and management of the organization. The Head is responsible to the Board of Trustees for all operations of the Center and School and provides management and oversight to assure that it functions effectively and in alignment with the overarching mission, values, and strategic objectives of the School.

Hiring Process: The Havern Board of Trustees has designated the Interim Head of School, Ms. Molly Buttitta, as the primary candidate for the position as Head of Havern School by initiating a comprehensive interview process before considering other candidates. In this, the Board is following a process modeled by other schools in the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS) for the consideration of internal
Head of School candidates.
The Selection Committee will approach this interview process with the same vigor they would demonstrate in reviewing an external candidate. The Board will announce the outcome of this process following the Board Meeting on May 19, 2021. Should Ms. Buttitta be offered the position and accept it, her tenure as permanent Head of School will commence on July 1, 2021. Should the position not be filled on July 1, 2021, the Board of Trustees will contract with a national educational search firm and commence an external search for the 2022-23 school year.

Compensation and Benefits: Havern Head of School compensation range is aligned with those of ACIS schools of comparable size. Benefits are commensurate with those listed in the Havern Faculty Handbook.

For further information: Please contact Ronni McCaffrey, Trustee Chair of the Havern Selection Committee, or Sally Dalton, Chair of the Havern Board of Trustees. They may be reached at searchcmt@havernschool.org.